Offering simple and affordable cremation services anywhere in Massachusetts.

Our mission is to offer all residents in Massachusetts, of all faiths, an alternative to the complicated and costly funeral system which is prevalent in the United States today. Please call 1-800-696-5887 if you have recently lost a loved one or to begin your pre-planned arrangement.

At Hamel Funeral Care & the Cremation Service of Massachusetts, we strive to:

  • Allow for persons to pre-plan their own final arrangements, thus assuring that their legally binding instructions will be followed.
  • Educate the public about cremation and the wide range of options that are available.
  • Lessen the burden, both financial and emotional, that is placed upon surviving family members at a most difficult time.
  • Provide a pre-payment plan that will guarantee performance of our services in the future and ensure that the funds will cover the costs of services selected at the time of death.
  • Operate a Massachusetts based company that the public can trust to maintain the highest quality standard and ethics when it comes to providing cremation services.

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Hamel Funeral Care and the Cremation Service of Massachusetts understand there can be many questions around Cremation services. Please find below some of our more common FAQ’s:

Is A Casket Needed For Cremation?
Is Embalming Required Prior To Cremation?
Can The Body Be Viewed Without Embalming?
Can The Family Witness The Cremation?
Is Cremation Accepted By All Religions?
What Can Be Done With The Cremated Remains?
Are There Any Laws Governing Cremation?
Do People Choose Cremation Only To Save Money?
Are All The Cremated Remains Returned?
Do I Need An Urn?

See What Our Customers Say About Us

“I want to thank you for your help in the process of arranging the cremation for my brother.  It is such a hard time, so your kindness, patience and guidance meant a great deal to me.”
Audrey B.,Marshfield, MA
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